everyone keeps asking me, so i've decided to put an end to the $100,000 question. no, i am not going to become a runaway bride.

a. i'm not that unstable; look at my picture up there to the right. do you see my eyes? they aren't bucked. i'm ok, really.
b. i'm not from hick town, georgia, usa. i am from hick town that thinks it's a big city, texas, but whatever.
c. who could runaway from gorgeous? that's just not natural.

seriously though, what was she under so much pressure about? she was already shacking up with the guy. so the big difference from april 29 to may 1 was that she was going to be legal. she didn't even have to change her name if she wanted. obviously, her running away had very little to do with being a wife. she was already a pseudo-wife.

and if she'd like to know real pressure, she should come live in my world. if all i had to do was get married this month, life would be a breeze. however, i've got a wedding, a move (b/c i'm not shacking), finals, papers/projects, and severely-ill relatives to worry about. and on top of that i have to go to work everyday knowing i am not respected simply because of who i am, which has nothing to do with my abilities or talents.

wilbanks — get a backbone and be a real woman.


i almost had a coronary yesterday in class. the professor returned our major research papers. this is the paper i've been slaving away on, writing and revising every free minute i have. so, she waits till the end of class to return them. i hate when they do that. and she prefaces it with how disappointed she was. and how a colleague looked at one while she was grading and says if it was an undergrad paper, it would be an F. and she ends with ... "but don't worry, no one got less than a 'c' because i don't believe in giving anything lower than a 'c' in a graduate level seminar class."

so, she passes them out (as i'm about to pass out), and i'm trying to read the mass of redness on my paper. (i'll save the description of my red-ink complex for a later post.) i just say screw this and flip to the last page to read the grade. i got an 'a'. whew! i thought i did pretty good, but that preliminary speech nearly gave me a heart attack. seriously, i could feel my heart beating in my throat. and, in addition to my red-ink complex, i have a perfectionist complex so i went home and corrected all the mistakes i made (right after i beat myself up for making those mistakes). it's worth it though because one day that 20-page research paper is going to be my multiple chapter thesis. if i can survive grad school to that point. now it's time to study for finals! yay! and i haven't even thought about buying a ticket to vegas. oh yeah. go mavs!

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