a short list of things i've been asked since tying the knot -

1. how's married life treatin' ya?
answer provided: pretty good. it's different living with someone again, but it's going pretty well.
answer in my head: is it supposed to be treatin' me badly this soon?

2. are you taking gorgeous' last name?
answer provided: yeah, it's a neat last name and i don't have to change my initials so i'll take it.
answer in my head: no, i'm not some left wing feminist gotta prove myself to the world liberal. i'm ok with wearing his ring, and i'm ok with using his last name.

3. have you done the do yet?
answer provided:
answer in my head: what do you think?!

4. is marriage everything you thought it would be?
answer provided: pr skills kick in. marriage is different for everyone. i don't think there's a book for how it should go. it really depends on the two people.

answer in my head: what kind of question is that?!

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4 lovely comments:

    Me said...

    2. are you taking gorgeous' last name?
    answer in my head: no, i'm not some left wing feminist gotta prove myself to the world liberal.

    There actaully can be other reasons. For example, attorneys often can't. Authors. Anyone who has a career where name recognition makes a difference, or even just where they had to take a test to become licensed and it would be a major hastle to change their name. I know a girl who made the guy change his last name to hers, not cause she was a feminist (far from it, stay at home and home school the kids Christian Republican mom) but because she was the last in her family to have that name, and she didn't want it to die with her. And a lot of people use ine name for work and another name for personal stuff.

  1. ... on Monday, June 13, 2005  
  2. melyssa said...

    well i'm not a lawyer or an author. and my maiden name will still live on in me and my children.

  3. ... on Monday, June 13, 2005  
  4. melyssa said...

    p.s. and i know you just like to debate and push my buttons.

    by the way ... thanks for saying congrats on getting married before you started bashing.

  5. ... on Monday, June 13, 2005  
  6. Me said...

    No, I actually wasn't bashing at all. I understand why people want to take their husband's last names, and I'd actually really prefer to take my husband's last name. Professionally, it would just be too hard for me. I'd probably do either hypehn or a professional/personal split. I just meant that when you talk to someone and they ask the question, it's likely not an insult or anything like that. There are reasons why some women don't, and they probably don't mean any harm in the question.

  7. ... on Sunday, June 26, 2005