it has been quite an adventure the first week in our new home. i am sans gorgeous as he's out making a way to pay for our new abode.

this week started out full speed ahead.

i had a one-day trip to south carolina to make a presentation to one of our most important suppliers. i came home to find out that gorgeous had taken it upon himself to make a tuesday morning appointment for the garage door opener to be installed. so, i was two hours late to work on tuesday. the phone, internet and cable people came by on tuesday afternoon. thankfully, my mom was able to house sit for us for those appointments so i didn't have to miss work.

wednesday - the fully tatooed, very late, taking personal phone calls during his 5-hour installation security guy came by to install our home security system. i was able to put in four hours of work that day.

thursday - i was finally able to get to work on time, but had to take a two hour lunch for my eye appointment. (i'll have to upload a picture of my new specs!)

friday - this day was actually normal. i turned in the keys to the expensive and noisy apartment. i was really happy to do so, but it was kind of sad because it was the first place goregeous and i lived in together.

now, if the refrigerator, washer and dryer will get delivered without incident on wednesday, we should be back in business!!

but somehow i have a feeling that something else will come up ... because it always does. ah the pleasures and adventures of being a homeowner!

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