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earlier this year i began dating someone who was a seemingly nice guy. we got along. we did fun things together. there was an element of romance. in late march he supposedly went on a cruise with his 12-year old son. throughout the entire trip he whispered sweet nothings to me via text message and telephone. then, he got back into town and within a matter of hours he decided to end the relationship without telling me. for days i worried that something horrible had happened to him to later learn that he just didn't want to be in the relationship anymore.

those who are close to me know that i have not been lucky in love my entire dating life. having dysfunctional, abnormal relationships have become the norm for me. but this one tops the cake. i don't know what happened or what went wrong because mr. wrong had no more to say for himself other than he wanted to end the relationship. am i sad? yes. am i confused? heck yes. am i disappointed? yes. have i sworn off men for life? no. he is a poor, misguided soul and i pray that he learns the error of his ways before hurting someone else.

i'm pretty much taking this all in stride because of the wonderful support and prayers of family and friends. (you know who you are, thank you!) plus, i've had some practice with situations like this. i am a little bruised, but not broken. i am moving on because the show goes on.

and if anyone sees mr. wrong around town, please tell him he might have temporarily put a damper on my happiness, but he didn't steal my joy. it wasn't his to give in the first place.

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