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truth be told, i am a daddy's girl, and in a society where there are millions of absent fathers, i am proud and thankful to be a daddy's girl. my dad has been there from day 1. he has been a great, comprehensive provider. as i have grown and matured i am able to turn to him for advice in my career, finances, and sometimes, even ask for advice in my dysfunctional love life.

realizing all of this and how truly blessed i am to have my father as a mentor and caregiver in my life, i don't know why some men (read: boys) i encounter think they can treat and speak to me any 'ole way. it always amuses me a little, and i proudly boast - you will not speak to me in that tone, manner, etc. because my father doesn't even speak to me that way.

now don't get me wrong. i understand all relationships have a healthy amount of conflict, and i'll never meet anyone who i never argue with (honestly, i'd be a little afraid of meeting someone who agreed with me on everything.). but the conflict has got to be healthy. and condescendingly exhaling and telling me what you're tired of and what you're not going to stand from me is not acceptable. you haven't invested nearly as much time, emotion or money in me as my father has over my 30+ years. and even he doesn't treat me that way.

so, it's really best for you, me and society as a whole that we go our separate ways. it stings a little now. but in a few weeks, you'll simply be somebody i used to know.

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