my head - about 6 inches from cheek to cheek.

my chest - about 16 inches from shoulder to shoulder.

as a reflect on this horrible, avoidable michael brown killing in ferguson, missouri, i am saddened. i am frustrated. i am angry. i am pissed. and i have questions.

why was he shot 6 times? what was he shot twice in the head when the chest/arms are easier, more survivable targets? why was he shot at all? as my brother-in-law so eloquently put it - there's more than one tool on a police belt. why go for the gun? i understand some are arguing that he was a criminal - stealing a ~$50 box of cigars. but did that really warrant his death?

here are some more numbers related to me. i have 7 uncles and aunts on my mom's side of the family. those relatives had 14 children; 6 of whom are male - black males. most of whom i consider brothers more so than cousins. so, this story is personal to me.

of those 6 black males; 2 served this country. 1 works for the government. and the other 3 are gainfully-employed, upstanding citizens. it's terrifying to think what could happen to one of them because they look a certain way to a certain type of person. they have been harassed but by the grace of god, they have not been slaughtered, and i pray every day for their protection.

another (illogical) argument, the black community should not be enraged about the michael brown shooting because there's more black-on-black crime daily. perhaps the statistics support that, but it does nothing to alleviate the rage. frankly, the black community should not be the only community upset about this.

"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -dr. martin luther king

so, now is the time for everyone to be angry, to be upset, to be pissed. but channel that anger into something positive. register to vote, so jury selection can be more psychologically and demographically diverse. mentor youth in your neighborhood. talk to your children about how to be safe - even from the people who are paid to keep us safe. set a good example and beat the stereotype. every life is precious and valuable. the same anger we had when natalie holloway was murdered and robbed of her chance to go to college should be the exact same anger we have for the michael brown situation. cause you know, he, too, was on his way to college.

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