each year, at about the same time the coveted oscar winners are announced, the razzies also announce the worst films of the year. it's supposed to be a bit of a joke. many people who have won razzies have also won an oscar or two. i don't really put much stock into awards season because i think many of the awards are distributed (yes, distributed not earned) based on politics. however, i was a bit disappointed to see that “annie” was labeled the worst remake by the razzies.

the story of annie is not new nor are the characters. however, the faces of the some of the characters look vastly different than the 1982 version. for some people, this is a point of pain and discomfort. for me, the aunt and caregiver of an 8-year old, cute, brown-faced girl, it is a welcomed change.

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i took my niece to see this movie in the theater and she absolutely loved it. and from what i've heard from other parents, my niece was not the only little girl who enjoyed the movie. as of today, the film has grossed $85 million, making a little over $20 million (imdb.com). so from a marketing perspective, it was a bit of a success.

and if you do put any stock into those award shows, it was nominated for two golden globes.

but from a social perspective, i think this film is so much more important than any award. to watch my niece's eyes light up at seeing someone (and might i add that someone is the youngest oscar nominee in history to date) on the big screen that looks like her is priceless to me. just like graham moore, who picked up the award from best adapted screenplay this year, said in his acceptance speech (and i'm paraphrasing) to those who think they are weird and don't fit in, keep pushing because they can achieve similar success. he also challenged them to push others when they do get there. many lauded moore for his comments. similarly, little brown-faced girls need to see people who look like them achieve successes so they know it is, indeed, a possibility.

will my niece be an oscar-nominated actress one day? i don't know, but it's certainly in her spectrum of possibilities now. i pray and hope that she will be successful at whatever she does. i speak those words into her all the time, but it's nice to have hollywood reinforce some of those beliefs.

so, you can have your razzies and you can make your fun. but (grammy-winner) jay-z, (oscar-nominated) will & jada smith, (oscar-winner) jamie foxx, and (oscar-nominated) quvenzhane wallis - you are all winners in my book for putting a diverse (not a black cast, a diverse one) cast on the big screen.

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