i have some blockage — creative blockage, that is. i have a serious case of blog writer’s block. i haven’t been able to write anything for some time now. melissa says i’m being lazy, but i really do have a serious case.

i’m thinking there could be several reason for this.
1. married life — a lot more of my time is used for cleaning, cooking and ironing, etc. for two rather than one.
2. i’m worried about my mother-in-law, and blogs seem a little trivial right now.
3. every time i express my views and/or opinions, some liberal, egotistical jackass has to come comment as their lame-ass way of trying to push their political, religious and general views about life one me. you know if they met me in person, they would be a lot less brash. it’s easy to hide behind a computer.

so anyway, i’ll write some random thoughts down as that usually gets my creative juices flowing.
1. you may have noticed (on the right side), i just finished reading the dogs of babel. excellent, quick read for the summer. i’m about 1/3 of the way through coming of age in mississippi. it’s a page-turner as well. i’m so happy to be out of school right now so i can read for fun!
2. tom cruise is on my last nerve. he needs to sit his hyper-ass down!
3. if you swim in the ocean, there are going to be sharks. if you go to the mountains, there are going to be lions. stop wasting news time on these stories. if you trespass on someone’s or something’s territory, you’re going to get attacked. isn’t that what g. dub and the minutemen say?
4. my graduate advisor is leaving :-(
5. the second love of my life got groomed last week :-)
6. where is my “husband”? (melissa ;-))

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