you do not know how many times i heard this two weeks before my wedding. i do not know how many times i heard it. every woman - single, married and otherwise - who came in contact with me made this statement. it kind of got old after awhile. i thought, "i'm marrying the man of my dreams, so why would i not be calm." the worse that could happen is he not show up, and i'm so certain he will there is no need to be nervous.

well today i realized why everyone was telling me that. it's reflex. the girl who works in my apartment complex leasing office is getting married this saturday. what was the first thing i said to her this afternoon when she told me? ... you guessed it ... you look so calm.

argh! i've become the annoying married woman in less than three months!

p.s. got my dress back from the preservation company today ... it's sooo clean and pretty again.

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