no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

-eleanor roosevelt

i really didn't actually think i was holding on to it until i got out of the shower this morning, and realized i was thinking about it and i was angry. in 2003 i took a job at this horrid non-profit organization where most of the members had to have their intelligence validated by the receipt of a membership card. about 90% of the people who work there (nonmembers) have low self esteem and get off by trying to make other people feel bad about themselves. my boss was the no. 1 culprit of this.

dick (as he is appropriately named) got his joys out of making others feel bad. one day he made a 40-something year old woman cry. dick not only has low self esteem but is a habitual liar. he uses these pitful, unbelievable lies to make himself feel better. he made up some story about getting a master's degree in nine months through a program in oklahoma that the u.s. army paid for when the truth is he doesn't even have a bachelor's degree. and on top of his foul attitude, he has even more foul hygiene practices. his teeth are black and yellow ... literally. while i was employed there, he often smelled as if he hadn't taken a shower the night before. and his nails were constantly filthy. on top of all of that he lives on a farm and has farm animals creating an even worse stinch.

he's all of these things and his boss refuses to make him do anything about it.

anyway, he's still there causing trouble, hurting people while making himself feel bigger. but the thing is it's only temporary. he is the one that has to lie in the dark quiet at night with the truth. he's a deceitful, hurtful bastard, and i've let him hurt me far too long. i thought i let it go after i left the job. now i know i have.

writing is therapeutic.

thanks for listening.

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1 lovely comments:

    Jackie said...

    Good for you, M.

    You just let it all out. :)

    I've had a few posts on the same kind of topic. I think there is something in the water that is making everyone want to call BS on assholes!! :)

    Great Britney post down below, I hadn't really thought about the "she stole KFed away from that other girl (who has two of his babies!), what did she expect??"

  1. ... on Saturday, December 10, 2005