"But the other part of her problem is Kevin. He hasn't really been the husband she hoped for."

um, ya think? you would have thought him leaving his pregnant (with second child) girlfriend for spears would have been a clue that he wasn't real big on commitment or maturity. people in the hollywood/entertinment industry simply amaze me. it's like they're from another planet or something. they get a different set of rules. for example, katie holmes and tom cruise (Iirefuse to refer to them as tomkat, what is up with that anyway? why do these entertainment reporters have to merge the couple's first names?) getting knocked up before marriage at age 26. i'm 26. i'm recently married. but you know if i had gotten pregnant before i got married there would have been whispers at the office. but when it happens to people like holmes and cruise, it's the norm.

anyway, if you'd like something to shake your head in disgust at, feel free to read the article from http://movies.msn.com/music/hotgossip?GT1=7455
. good grief!

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