come to my world. the world of a young, black, girl. the world where everyone looks at you and assumes the worst, and is surprised by the best as she's put to the test. the world where people think it's ok to make comments about there being only one "poor" white girl in your wedding. the world that's puzzled when they see that left-handed diamond ring in the 14k gold setting. where coworkers think you don't know about events that happened prior to your birthdate. and think it's impossible for you to have one exclusive romantic mate. the world where driving a nice car and having nice things means you must be doing something wrong. not that you're financially sound and your career is strong. the world where everyone assumes your political affiliation is liberal leaning. oh dear world, i have so much more meaning.

i am not fat. i don't smoke crack. i am not dumb. or a street corner bum. i am not promiscuous or into one night stands. i'm much more content to be a one man wo-man. i am not a good dancer, or always on beat. i don't have a job that keeps me on my feet. i am not a rap video girl with little to nothing on. i don't turn tricks for some ole john. i don't swirl my neck to put someone in their place. i don't play my stereo with way too much bass.

i am normal, just like you. educated. committed. ambitious. and talented. scared to do anything wrong. i was raised by both my mom and dad with faiths that are strong. sometimes i do get walked on. and sometimes i'm not so strong.

come into my world so you can see me. see that i am young. that i am black. that i am a girl. come to my world. i am a woman trying to be me. please see me as i am. because there is a lot to see. oh a lot to see about being me.

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    Nerd Girl said...

    Happy New Year!

    What's the line in that Erykah Badu song (I can't remember which one)?

    "I work on pleasing me 'cause I can't please you."

    Do you and don't worry about what "they" think. Easier said than done I know, but truly liberating!

  1. ... on Friday, January 06, 2006