a good read
i read mitch albom's, for one more day, in one day. it was absolutely wonderful. i would definitely recommend it as a feel-good read if anyone is looking for a quick read this holiday season.

at work
a few weeks ago one of the vice presidents at work was hiring a new person for his department. this vice president and his staff sit in the same area as i do. another coworker and i were talking to vp when he mentioned he was hiring someone new, and the conversation went a little like this.

vp: i'm hiring a new person. her name is erica taylor.
me: oh great.
cw: that is great news. so, tell us about her.
vp: she's currently employed in another town and has been working for a large company in the same capacity that she would be working here.
cw: uh huh
vp: she's from another state and has decided to move here.
cw: great.
me: yeah, that's great vp.
vp: yeah, i really think you'll like her, melyssa.

now fast forward to 6 p.m. at the dinner table.

goregous: how was work?
me: pretty good. vp is finally getting some more help. she's a black girl.
gorgeous: how do you know this?

and then i share the whole story. this one line "i really think you'll like her, melyssa." was what gave it way. so it was no surprise when about a week and a half later a young lady who could not be mistaken for any other ethnicity joined our little area. is vp racist? no. is vp prejudiced? no. he's just stereotyping. now my post-thesis brain is thinking of a way that i could turn that into a study/experiment!

in the news
so, this michael rogers (or whatever his name is). i'm talking about kramer from seinfeld and his recent foul-mouthed tirade. i don't know if it's really necessary to sue him. but i do believe he's prejudiced and his true colors were exhibited last friday. it just amazes me that people will do and say stuff like this in 2006. especially with cameras, internet, cell phones, blue tooth, etc. technology allows for news and/or rumors to travel at about the same speed as light. so, why oh why do people act like this when they know at some point they are going to have to apologize. it may not be today, tomorrow, or the next day but it's going to bite them in the rear sooner or later. i just don't get it.

i could also comment on the oj simpson thing, but i've already spent too much time on it. stupid, stupid, stupid.

on thanksgiving
i won't eat much because i'll be too busy chatting away. everyone have a wonderful holiday and don't forget it's about being thankful and being free. so, please remember to say thanks to whomever or whatever you worship and send a little prayer or thought up for our troops at home and abroad who serve, often giving the ultimate sacrifice.

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