today i'm going to pick up copies of my first exam. yes ... my first exam. the teaching experience has really been awesome. i've learned a lot about myself as well as the students. it almost seems surreal that i am going to pick up copies of an exam that i composed. even more, that my students are stressing and/or studying for the test that is scheduled for next week. it's really amazing how life turns on a dime.

i'm a little nervous myself because what if they don't do well? that means i'm not doing a good job. however, one of my students did tell me i was a good teacher the other day. i don't think she was saying it to suck up. i think she really meant it. that made my day.

at the full-time job, i'm busier than ever. it's a crazy year for us. we're trying to move from print to online for the majority of our marketing and advertising initiatives. it's great to be busy because it was so slow when i first started working there.

gorgeous got a plaque the other day for his successful emergency landing in october. it's sitting on the mantle. it's pretty nice. it's also pretty cool to have a mantle again.

life is good.

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    princessdominique said...

    Just stopping by to wish you well...

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