NEW YORK Mar 21, 2007 (AP)— A couple can proceed with a lawsuit against a fertility clinic they filed after the wife gave birth to a daughter whose skin they thought was too dark to be their child, a judge has ruled.

the other day i read this story on and just got enraged! this couple, the husband white, the mother hispanic (although the picture that was posted on's homepage at the time showed the mother to be darker than me -- i thought she was black before reading the article) went to a fertility clinic and received sperm from a black man rather than the father.

don't get me wrong. i can understand their frustration and disappointment. after paying the fertility clinic large sums of money, they trusted them to do the right thing. we're all human, but some professions call for perfection (or really close to it).

what fired me up were a couple of direct quotes in the article:
The couple says that they have been forced to raise a child who is "not even the same race, nationality, color … as they are," the judge said in the ruling.

do they realize how many people there are who would just love to be blessed to have a raise a child ... no matter what color? like i said, i can understand the anger, but let's look at the bigger picture here.

the article reports further:
They say that "while we love Baby Jessica as our own, we are reminded of this terrible mistake each and every time we look at her; it is simply impossible to ignore," the judge's decision said.

so, they see their daughter as a mistake. are they forgetting that while her father may not be her biological father, her mother is? plus, there are so many men in the world who step up and serve as father or male role models for children who are not biologically their own. again, i understand this is not what they bargained for when they forked over the dough. but this is what they think about a child that the wife bore for nine months.

perhaps, someone from above was trying to tell this couple something when they couldn't have children on their own. if this is truly their mindset, maybe they don't need to be raising and influencing a child. this poor baby is going to grow up in a home where her parents don't even love her unconditionally, and then she'll be forced to go out into a world that is much more cruel than that.

i'm not bashing fertility clinics. i am bashing this pathetic excuse for parents. sometimes i do think people should have to pass a test before raising a child.


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5 lovely comments:

    Nerd Girl said...

    Wow. I can't believe this story slipped by me.

    I guess that I can understand the initial shock of being handed a child that does not in any way resemble the one you were expecting. I cannot understand the "being forced to raise . . . " part.

    Admittedly, the child I was handed VERY strongly resembled my husband and since I carried her, to whom she "belonged" was not an issue. Having said that, I don't think I would care if they'd handed me a blond haired, blue eyed child with asian features and an Irish accent - okay, I'm tripping now - but you get my point. I

    God does not always give us the child we're expecting. But he always gives us the child he wants us to have. Shame these two don't "get it."

  1. ... on Monday, April 02, 2007  
  2. Kris said...

    I can understand your passion but I can kinda understand the parents standpoint too. Everyone wants a baby that looks like them... the whole chip off the old block thing. Now I am sure that they will get over it and love the child as it should be loved with time. But I can't fault them because I would be mad as all get out if the fertility bank substituted my husband's sperm for someone elses.

  3. ... on Monday, April 02, 2007  
  4. lalover said...

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  6. princessdominique said...

    Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard about it. Hope you are well.

  7. ... on Sunday, April 22, 2007  
  8. melyssa said...

    yeah, kris. i totally understand their anger with the clinic. but the comments about the child (who didn't ask for any of this) is what gets me.

    and even if you have a child without the assistance of a third party, that does not guarantee that he or she will look like you or your spouse.

    basically, i feel that it should not matter what the child looks like on the outside. and the baby is still 100% the mom's.

    nerd girl - my sentiments exactly!

  9. ... on Sunday, April 22, 2007