tb guyok, he's extremely rude, self-centered, and unethical ... this shouldn't surprise america, he's a lawyer. but does anyone wonder the mental state of his wife? come now, wives are supposed to be the voice of reason.

students denied diplomasi think there is something really wrong with that school in galesburg, ill. denying those students their diplomas because their family and friends were hooping and hollering during the graduation ceremony. come now, this is america. we are loud, obnoxious, and excited at graduations. it's the american way! lighten up galesburg high and give the students their well-earned diplomas!

cnn.comi'm worried about cnn.com. this past week they're reader poll included a question about britney spears and if she'd truly hit rock bottom. and today the poll question refers to the readers' belief in the loch ness monster. i thought cnn was a national news source. seriously, can they not think of any better poll questions? it's not like we don't have serious issues to cover like the war, the upcoming election, immigration, etc. also, what's the deal with all of the video clips serving for news stories? did they fire all of their writers?

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