it's been forever since i posted. i don't have much to say, but i feel i should say something. i am just about to finish teaching for the semester. finals are this week. the full-time job is going ok. everyone is leaving. i feel like i should too, but i need to stay put at the moment. i got all of my christmas decorations up ... finally. i'm really excited about that.

which brings me to a mini rant. the three old ladies in my department were having a whine session last week about not being able to call greeting cards, christmas cards or have a christmas tree image on them because it is offensive to some people. they said that people who don't believe in or celebrate christmas should "go back home." while i do believe that people get easily offended now a days, i do find it humorous that the three old ladies want to send all of "these people" back home. don't they realize that there is a large population of americans (born and raised here) who don't celebrate christmas?

sometimes i wonder if the world will get more tolerant as the old geezers die off or if these ignorant thoughts will be passed on to future generations.

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3 lovely comments:

    Nerd Girl said...

    Hey girl! Good to see you back. Sadly, I think most of these folks have had children and will able to pass their ignorance on to their offspring.

  1. ... on Monday, December 10, 2007  
  2. Regina said...

    Nice blog, and interesting post.
    I also believe that these people will find some way to pass their ignorance down to a younger ignorant brew of people.

    Blessings, Regina

  3. ... on Sunday, January 06, 2008  
  4. Dragon Reads said...

    I'm an "old lady" and I just wish everyone a Merry Christmas, no matter how un-PC that is.
    As a librarian, I've also helped research Kwanzaa traditions for local churches and helped our local temple with picture books for the children that celebrate Hanukah. Our collection on Islam is growing since everyone should be tolerant and a library is the place to learn. I hope I do pass on my ignorance to my posterity since I call it tradition and I hope they pass it on to their children too.

  5. ... on Thursday, January 17, 2008