if you read my blog, you know that i purchased the first generation iphone when it was hundreds of dollars. at the time i purchased it, i purchased a leather incase case to protect it. several months after having it, my little 7 pound bundle of joy decides to chew it up. whatever, i buy a cheaper silicon case to replace it.

yeah, the silicon stretches with time so that the iphone display doesn't work properly because the sensors for the display inactivation settings get all jacked up due to the stretchy silicon. so, i'm like, fine. i'll purchase another $35 leather case. this is after the release of the new, cheap, faster, better 3g iphone. i go to best buy - can't find any cases. i go to radio shack - can't find any cases. go to the brand new apple store in ftw - can't find any cases!

oh yeah, the apple store isn't stocking any first generation iphone accessories. nice. first apple sticks it to us by dropping the price on their phones and providing better technology to boot, and now they won't even support the $500 and $600 product after one year. bastards!!!!

hey apple - word of mouth marketing can be extremely effective.

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    Regina said...

    LOL!! I'm not a fan of apple products!

  1. ... on Monday, September 22, 2008