back in 2004 i posted 50 things about myself. then, i updated it in 2007. then, i had some major life changes. so, here goes my 2008 grant.

1. i'm still a christian

2. i'm 29 years young — and noone lets me forget it

3. i'm african-american

4. i'm an adjunct lecturer

5. i work for an electronic component distributor

6. i'm currently dating one of the most awesome guys ever

7. i'm an overachiever

8. i have only one sibling - a younger sister

9. i have only one niece - and she spells her name with a y too

10. my grandfather knew little richard before he was little richard

11. i've lived in germany on two separate occasions

12. i've visited the leaning tower of pisa

13. i've visited euro disney

14. i've visited disney world three times

15. i have never been on a roller coaster

16. i have arthritis

17. i wear contacts

18. i've never worn braces

19. i have tmj that was triggered by a chiropractor's visit

20. i don't believe in chiropractors

21. i overcame p.c.o.s.

22. the only times i've been to las vegas are for work-related events

23. i wear a little make-up now; i need the enhancement

24. i might be a workaholic

25. i like to write and edit resumes ... i'm launching a new web business soon

26. i like to sing out loud now - as you get older you start to care less about what people think

27. i have a pomeranian

28. i recently learned that i like to dance

29. i believe most people are prejudiced (not racist)

30. according to myers-briggs, i am an ENFJ

31. i like to shop, but i hate to spend money

32. i love salsa

33. i love ice cream

34. my favorite color is now pink

35. i'm not crafty

36. but i am creative

37. my high school and college are less than 5 miles apart from one another

38. i make my check marks backwards

39. i tend to overanalyze things

40. i like dramas, comedies and love stories

41. i like to play card games

42. my all-time favorite movie is the green mile with michael clark duncan and tom hanks

43. i believe communication solves most problems

44. lou diamond phillips studied at my college

45. during birth i caused my mother's leg to become paralyzed temporarily

46. in elementary school, my teachers wanted me to skip a grade, but my mom refused to allow it

47. i have a master's degree

48. i love the warm weather, which is why i live in texas

49. my favorite dish to cook is baked chicken and rice because it doesn't really require much "cooking"

50. my new life motto is: make new plans

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