the past few days have not proved to be good pr for a few black men in the spotlight.

herman cain
i am not sure if he actually did what all has been alleged, but i do think where there's smoke there's fire. i know he's not in the same political party, but he should have learned from jesse jackson. you have got to keep your nose clean if you're going to join the political race. it's a dirty one! and most african americans know we have to pay the black tax*. i'm not a member of any political party. i typically vote on the issues. however, i am an obama supporter. but it sure would have been historical to have two black men running against each other. oh well. such is life.

bishop eddie long
anyone who knows me knows i completely despise people who hurt children, the elderly or animals. the fact that long settled with these accusers speaks volumes to me. and now, it appears as though his wife is leaving him. this saddens me so. the breakdown of a family and the recent allegations of abuse against children in the recent weeks. what is the world coming to, really?

it looks like for the time being these guys are being judged by the "color of their skin and the content of their character."

*the black tax is commonly referred to in the african american community as having to do twice as much to reap half the benefits when compared to our caucasian counterparts.

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