today, i'm sharing my thoughts on the second week of the proverbs 31 ministry's 5 habits of a woman who doesn't quit by nicki koziarz.

chapters 3-4:
the second habit is: she follows through on her commitments despite how she feels.

how i'm feeling about habit 2:
the beginning of the week was very motivational and inspiring. i learned that i need to turn my "i can't" perspective into a positive. realistically, i know it's difficult to have hope, determination, and perseverance in the midst of challenges, but i should strive to be more like ruth. in the bible, ruth leaves her homeland to travel with her mother-in-law, naomi, back to naomi's homeland. in the midst of new territory, ruth agrees to go out and work in the fields. while there, she meets boaz. this turns out to be a blessing for ruth. sometimes we have to stretch ourselves by going to the most difficult places to receive our blessings. i'm sure ruth didn't feel like make those major life changes, but she followed through anyway.

in the teachings this week, i also learned that God may choose to use me to change someone else's life when i follow through with my commitments - that's huge!

humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time. i peter 5:6

but i also know the struggle is real. as i delve deeper into this habit i'm torn with trying to find a balance between being consistent, following through and also being my true, authentic self. should i force myself to follow through with commitments if that means i am not being honest with the person (or people) it affects? i know what's right, and i know what's true. and i know i have to work to reconcile both of these things because ultimately, the truth is always right.

my prayer:
Lord, help me have the best effective, godly communication with important people in my life. help me make wise "no-quitting" decisions in the midst of raw emotions. guide me so that Your light may shine through in all that i do. amen!

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