today, i'm sharing my thoughts on the third week of the proverbs 31 ministry's 5 habits of a woman who doesn't quit by nicki koziarz. you might have noticed, i am a little late posting about habit three. last week i got wrapped up in my birthday celebration and mother's day celebrations. but fear not, i have not quit! so, on to habit three!

chapters 5-6:
the third habit is: she stays open to the movement of God.

how i'm feeling about habit 3:
this week i've learned that i need to invite and involve God into my plans. as a planner, this is a challenge for me. i constantly want to be in control and determine the results of everything that affects me and the important people in my life. however, i must remember to put my faith and God and not let my fear overpower my faith. His plans are always, always better than mine! i will be honest with you, when i follow God, things don't always fall in line as i expect. i hit bumps in the road, but i am always, always blessed because things come out beautiful on the other side. so, i take nicki's words to heart when she tells us things might look a little messy before they become completely beautiful - that is the testimony of my life. i am committed to sticking with the difficult things so i can see the new, beautiful things God creates in my life.

habit 3 is a challenge, i'm not gonna lie. i am a person who is quick to flee instead of fight. however, because of this bible study i have renewed hope in seeing the Lord do new and good things in my life (isaiah 43:19), i must become a woman who doesn't quit. i must find a way to push through the dark, ugly, disorganized places so that i may reap my beautiful reward.

open hands, open mind, open heart ----> opening myself to God's movement. and that, my friends, is a life changer for sure!

many plans are in a man's heart. but the Lord's decree will prevail. proverbs 19:21

my prayer:
Lord, please help me stay focused on the things you've assigned for me. Give me the strength to do and compete all that you have assigned for me to do. Create a new thing in me so that ultimately you may be glorified. amen!

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