so, today at work was our "department" thanksgiving luncheon. a few weeks ago the marketing department was asked if we wanted to participate with the i.s. department. i declined and everyone looked at me like i was crazy. you know they were giving me that "it's basically a free lunch" type of look and "why don't you want to participate?"

why? why ask why? because, like most things, i knew it was going to get way overdone.

i love it when i'm right.

what started out as a luncheon with the 10 person marketing and 20-person (or so) i.s. department turned into a few people from ecommerce, a few people from product, gotta invite the ceo and his assistant. and don't forget the big marketing v.p. and then some of our friends from accounting because they process our paychecks.

yeah - 90 people in all.

hello people! i get tired of cooking for my husband and he is only one person. well, sometimes he can eat like three, but 90! no, no thanks. i will not be making green bean casserole for 90 of my closest friends. ha! i don't even like some of these people. (you have read the stories about butch.) some of these people i don't even know outside of email correspondence. so, no, no thanks i won't be slaving over the stove to come to work and break bread with people who have suspect hygiene practices. plus, if i wanted to cook for that many people i would have joined the army and applied for a position in the mess hall.

so, while you all had fun with your luncheon. ms. madefromlove had a turkey sandwich from subway.

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3 lovely comments:

    Nerd Girl said...

    I definitely feel you on that! I don't generally participate in the group celebratory luncheons around this joint either. I have been in the bathroom with too many of these ladies who flushed and walked. Notice a missing step? Wash your hands people! Potluck? I thinketh not.

  1. ... on Monday, November 21, 2005  
  2. melyssa said...

    thank you! plus one of my coworkers (the one who gave me 'the look') admitted to bathing her dog in her kitchen sink every friday when she goes home.

  3. ... on Wednesday, November 23, 2005  
  4. Ontario Emperor said...

    Presumably cooked food would be safer than the raw veggie plate. Now you have me scared of potlucks... :)

  5. ... on Wednesday, November 30, 2005