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several months ago i reflected on my life and what direction i'd like it to go for 2012. i'm a bit disappointed to report i haven't done so well in keeping my life changers in place. after some self reflection over the past month, i've decided i need to re-focus and get back to task.

originally i noted that bsf had tremendously changed my life. to be honest, it did, but i'm learning - for the worst. it's really sad that some people who identify themselves as christians can say the most hurtful things. church and bible study are supposed to be places where people go to get healed, not beaten and broken. over the course of my brief time at bsf, i heard people in leadership positions describe abortion as the "american holocaust," berate people who are divorced and say that bourbon street is the "depravity of man." sadly, i can no longer support or recommend bsf to anyone because of these statements. i am still trying to grow my relationship with god, but i am doing it without bsf. i don't think bsf leaders realize my god is a forgiving god. 

also, i've kind of fallen off the minimalist wagon. this is very sad for me because i was doing so well the first quarter of the year. i really need to get back to getting rid of unnecessary things. ... which leads me to getting rid of the fat on my body and the excess of negative people i allowed back into my life this year. i can forgive people, but that doesn't necessarily mean they need to be in my life. i do believe there are decent people out there who have an overall negative spirit. i think it's mainly because they are unhappy with themselves, and i strongly believe you cannot make someone else happy. each person has to be independently happy. if they are not; they are toxic. and if they are toxic; they have to go! 

so, i really do have to pull myself together and start looking toward a more positive life center. i've got 2.5 more months of the year left, and god's grace and mercies are new everyday. so, here's to a positive, productive (remaining) 2012! 

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